The Next Generation NFT decentralised application chain

NFT 区块链

一个去中心化且可互操作的支持 DeFi 的 NFT 市场网络

一个去中心化且可互操作的支持 DeFi 的 NFT 市场网络

Unique One Network is a Substrate-based, next-generation decentralised NFT application-specific blockchain leveraging Web3.0 interoperability to augment the NFT Evolution.

With a history of successfully building out multiple fully operational NFT marketplaces across diverse sectors and chains such as Eth, xDai, BSC, and Polygon, Unique One Network is now developing its mothership chain on Substrate as an Appchain in the Octopus Network. 

The Unique One Network NFT Galaxy Appchain will extend Unique One modular builds to B2B marketplaces by offering a variety of NFT-as-service modules to enfranchise Web3.0 teams with the support, community, and NFT network effects they need to scale.

UniqueOne 生态系统

UniqueOne VR 画廊

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Unique One Network NFT Marketplaces have traditionally put the community first with net-zero minting fees, Creation, Transaction, and Volume Rewards, generous bounties, airdrops, and contests. We intend for this Community-first Philosophy to continue as we extend our additional NFT services to our Community in our move to Substrate.  

The Unique One Network  community DAO can vote on the upgrades and changes to be implemented. Once consensus is reached, upgrades can be implemented.

Unique One Network incorporates governance pallets that support on-chain governance. Each community will be able to choose the most suitable DAO pallet for their community, based on a wide range of pallets being developed.

Unique One Network is built on a Substrate framework. As a decentralized appchain in the Octopus Network, we share interoperability with NEAR protocol and Ethereum via the Rainbow Bridge. Additionally, we can connect with any IBC enabled blockchains directly using the IBC pallet. Any asset issued on Ethereum, NEAR, or any IBC enabled blockchain can be transferred into Unique One Network trustlessly. Assets issued on Unique One Network can be transferred trustlessly out to Ethereum, NEAR, and any IBC enabled blockchain.

Unique One Network’s partnership with FIO Protocol will allow NFT creators on our platform the option to self-identify with FIO domains and addresses to become verified artists. This feature allows artists to protect themselves against copyright infringement and protects buyers from purchasing fraudulent NFTs.  

Unique One Network has already built multiple specialized NFT marketplaces. These marketplaces already have market traction and come with self-governing communities.

Unlike other new and emerging Substrate-based NFT blockchain protocols, Unique One Network has already built  marketplaces in several niches on Ethereum, BSC, xDai, and Polygon offering users the ability to grow diverse communities around a variety of favoured technologies.

Mega Auction Features and Fundraising are fully supported by the Unique One Network Multichain Marketplace. Because various auction structures may be either more efficient or more profitable to the seller than others, depending upon their goals, the Unique One Network NFT Marketplace will support several types of auction mechanisms including English (ascending), Dutch (descending), reserve price options, etc.

In addition, the Unique One Network Marketplace will also support philanthropic and charity fundraising through Unique One Love, a philanthropic crowdfunding venture sponsored Unique One Network. 

优爱 is designed as a charity incubator for individuals, crypto projects, and real-world charity organizations to innovate supporting solutions to empower individuals in need.

UniqueOne.Love is designed to address trust issues that currently exist in the philanthropic charity space such as data mining, funds siphoning, and all-out fraud, by leveraging decentralised technology to make the activation of human love accessible, effective, transparent, and accountable for all to see.

Many teams, projects, and companies desire NFT marketplaces to compliment their product and marketing strategy. But bootstrapping an NFT marketplace is time-consuming, laborious, and capital intensive. 

Unique One Network can provide NFT marketplaces with out-of-the box theme options, infrastructure, and support. Any protocol, team, or business can launch their own NFT Marketplace without financial risk by staking UNET tokens. 

Once you stake UNET tokens, you can choose from a variety of themes with a set of NFT related API and SDK tools for the theme framework of the NFT marketplace. Or you can level up for customized premium themes and features depending on what you need.

The amount of UNET tokens staked depends on the complexity of the features desired. Staked tokens are vested over 50 months (after vesting, revenue share will be distributed.)

Staking UNET tokens represents a share in the revenue of the marketplace. Staking returns are used to buy UNET tokens from markets to be added to the vested pool and distributed to all stakers.

Unique One Network will only take a 20% share of each NFT marketplace revenue to cover marketplace hosting and maintenance costs.

The UNET blockchain gaming launchport has full NFT capabilities to create games integrating NFT collectible characters and rarity traits. NFT collectible  creators can launch their game on UNET to create use cases and network effects either for marketing purposes alone or as a part of a more comprehensive package including metaverse and yield farming integration options.

The launchport is developed via an integrated open source SDK from Underscored Labs using Unity, the world’s most popular real-time development platform for 2D, 3D, AR/VR. UNET Game assets are provided on the NFT marketplace for multiple blockchain game & metaverse platforms. The NFT Collectibles Game module is a great add-on to the Generative NFT & Collectibles Module.

The Unique One Network Collectibles Launchport services Web3 teams and platforms that wish to launch their own collection of collectible NFTs with full support and minimal responsibilities. The Collectibles Launchport allows protocols the ability to launch their meme, character, or other collectible easily without having to host their product or learn how to use algorithmic generators. 

Create your own generative NFTs like BAYC, Cryptopunks, Gangsta Geckos, or Lazy Lions. Choose 10k pieces or less of programmatically generated and randomized characters. Supply your own premade art components and trait library or work with our artists to customize your idea. Decide the theme for your theme-based NFT minting site with fair distribution, membership, roadmaps, and customizable features upon request.  

By staking UNET tokens, protocols can start earning revenue with minimal capital. 

IPLO is a proprietary service offered by Unique One Network to add marketing, community, and auction support to teams who wish to release their utility & governance tokens to their community via unlockable avenues e.i. attached to NFT sales or auction events. IPLOs are popular crowdfunding events that can be customized to each individual protocol depending on their goals. 

Projects that choose to hold IPLOs on the Unique One Network Marketplace gain the advantage of the network effects of the Unique One Network NFT Galaxy Community by being listed on the upcoming calendar of community events and and buoyed in the UON Marketing funnel to the entire Unique One Network, Octopus Network and NEAR Protocol Meta-Communities.

Unique One Network through its partnership with offers a new concept in securing Metaverse lands for protocols, groups, and retail investors. 


The Unique One Metaverse will accept UNET staking for Metaverse land leases. UNET stakers receive land plots by staking their UNET. 

Land distribution will be according to total UNET staked in multiples of 0.1% of supply (e.g. USD 3k value according to a USD 3M marketcap)

There will be up to 1,000 plots of land that will equate to 100% of supply. The staked tokens will be fully returned by vesting over 50 months at 2% per month. Lessors can participate in OTC resale of lands by selling both the land and staked tokens for market price. 

Additional Staking Tiers – For temporary events, gallery build showings, NFT auctions, Metaverse parties and other shorter staking periods to use lands, shorter staking periods are available. 

UNET collateral staking and yield farming mechanisms unlock a variety of services on the Unique One Network as well as offer opportunities for retail investors and Protocol launches to spin up farming pools.  

Staking and yield farming will also continually be developed as additional protocols seek more complex services to launch and scale their platforms and communities.

In addition, integration with our NFT Galaxy DeFi Satellite, Unique One Finance, unleashes opportunities in NFT fractionalization and tokenization of DeFi incentives for staking. Yield farming, NFT fractionalization, creative staking and vault opportunities will continually be developed.  




旗舰市场 Unique.One 是一个真正去中心化的非盈利平台,由数字艺术社区拥有和管理——将艺术家、创作者和收藏家聚集在一起。

旗舰市场 Unique.One 是一个真正去中心化的非盈利平台,由数字艺术社区拥有和管理——将艺术家、创作者和收藏家聚集在一起。


UniqueOne.Photo 激励摄影师,而不是从中获利。摄影师获得完全的自主权和委托权——消除了传统摄影平台的大规模裁员。


UniqueOne.Photo 激励摄影师,而不是从中获利。摄影师获得完全的自主权和委托权——消除了传统摄影平台的大规模裁员。


UniqueOne Fans 允许 NSFW 艺术家自由地与粉丝建立更亲密的关系——他们可以通过成为投资者来支持他们关心的艺术家。

UniqueOne Fans 允许 NSFW 艺术家自由地与粉丝建立更亲密的关系——他们可以通过成为投资者来支持他们关心的艺术家。




UniqueOne.Love 是由 Unique.One Network 赞助的慈善事业。UniqueOne.Love 旨在利用我们所享受的去中心化来促进点对点共享经济中的捐赠。


UniqueOne.Finance 使用户能够通过 NFT 金库、分馏、指数基金、掉期等创新机制解锁其 NFT 的 DeFi 功能。





Unique One Network is a next-generation Substrate based application blockchain for NFT marketplaces enabled with DeFi.  Our substrate chain will be the hub to connect our various Unique marketplaces on other blockchains and facilitate cross chain NFT transfers.

Unique One Network is a collection of community run net- zero fee NFT platforms.  We believe Web 3.0 will inevitably replace Web 2.0 centralised frameworks. We are consummate community builders and will create an ecosystem that will benefit participants instead of companies.  We will provide the best DeFi Enabled Decentralised Interoperable NFT Infrastructure in the world. 

Unique One Network is currently in active development with a scheduled roll out of our testnet September 2021 and our appchain mainnet launch in Q4 2021.

The token is $UNET which will be issued as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum. A portion of the tokens will most likely be bridged to NEP on NEAR Protocol.

$UNET tokens will be distributed through a variety of mechanisms with considerable privilege given to the existing holders of the current Unique One Community dApp tokens $RARE, $FOTO, and $FANS. As current Unique One Community members, all token holders will have a governance vote on swapping proposals via their respective DAOs ahead of any $UNET distribution. 

The Unique One Network is built on Substrate as an appchain in the Octopus Network Ecosystem.

All active Unique marketplaces will be supported on Unique One Network with a gradual roll out to be scheduled. 

Unique One Network is a community-centric decentralised project originally founded by a volunteer team of developers, artists, and project managers with deep experience in the NFT vertical.

Unique One Network is building out its mothership chain on Substrate as an Appchain in the Octopus Network with the goal of further challenging Web3.0 interoperability to augment an NFT Evolution. With its extensive experience building NFT Marketplaces on diverse blockchains, the Unique One Network NFT Galaxy Appchain will extend cross-chain modular builds to B2B marketplaces by offering a variety of NFT-as-service modules to enfranchise Web3.0 teams, companies, projects, and influencers with the support, community, and NFT network effects they need to scale.